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Unloveable Landscapes Volume 1


When I used to deliver pizzas, I thought “these tips are good, but things would be better if I didn’t have to ride this moped”. So I became a taxi driver. Once I became a taxi driver, I thought “I’m lovely and warm in here, but I wish I didn’t have to talk to people”.


So I became a lorry driver. When I was a lorry driver, I thought “it’s nice that I’m left alone all day, but I should really be doing something creative”. So I began freelancing. At last, I was a designer without a boss. I thought “this is amazing, but I wish I could get clients to use my illustrations as well as my layouts”. So I began selling some illustrations. After a while, I thought “I’m very grateful that I’m able to sell illustrations, but are these illustrations really the kind of work I want to do?”.


So this is what it’s come to. This is what I end up with when I’m left to my own devices. Black and white drawings, of the places in between places. Places that wouldn’t normally be sketched. Places that aren’t photogenic, or noteworthy, or well-known. A series of unloveable landscapes. I hope you like them.

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