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Retro Motorhome

About the project:

Try to imagine you're someone who keeps a pile of thirty-year-old car magazines, in order to obsess over the typefaces and illustrations used in 1980s car accessory adverts. You properly love everything about these things. You think Ripspeed, Momo, Janspeed and Zender logos are things of great beauty and you would love the chance to design something half as good. OK, now imagine you get an email from someone who wants a logo for their new thing, called Retro Motorhome. Pretty exciting stuff, right?

This job gave me the perfect excuse to lose myself in vintage car and caravan branding. I wanted to create something positive, bright, innocent and sunny: a logo that wouldn't look out of place on the side of your Auntie Sue and Uncle Keith's late 70s two-berth, packed to the rafters with Vesta curries and tinned ham, ready for the long, long drive from Crosby to Cornwall.


Retro Motorhome







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