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One of the perks of designing Ethos magazine is getting to work with the Wordscapes team on other projects. When they were publishing this book of stories, life tips and journal space, they asked me if I would like to do the layout and create a series of graphic icons to denote each chapter. Obviously, this was right up my street, so I didn't hesitate to accept the offer. Here's how the Spring authors describe this book...


"Spring is a practical journal for life, work, and wellbeing – one step at a time. Inspiring interviews from some of the world's most successful businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs, sit alongside a 28-day practical journal, and a range of tools, tips, and tricks to help you to build resilience, in life and work.

"In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, our lives are often clouded by outside perspectives and views, and we’ve lost touch with our own voice along the way. Keeping a journal is the best way to stay true to your own voice. We know that journaling is effective – because we do it ourselves.

"Why have we chosen a 28-day journal? Because it takes 28 days to form a habit. And what better habit to form, than getting to know yourself, again?"

...and here's where you can buy a copy for yourself.



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