An eye for the unloved


Self-initiated work


Roy McCarthy

Zoë Byrne

Ab Badwi

Lisa Robson

Jonny Turton

My role:


Exhibition organiser

An Eye For The Unloved takes you on a walk along a Liverpool path less well-trodden than most. For Küla's first group show we decided to turn our attention to the city that we've made our home - whether it's because we've lived here all our lives, or we came here and just decided not to leave. Through illustrations, photography and film we've attempted to show aspects of Liverpool that we think are a bit overlooked, unsung and possibly unappreciated (though certainly not by us!).


Expect to see my drawings of the Churchill Flyover, Myrtle Parade and the less bucolic bits of the Leeds/Liverpool canal. Expect Zoë Byrne's photographs of poignantly funny graffiti, cast iron grids and long-abandoned footbridges. Expect to see Ab Badwi's moving portraits of people in 1980s Toxteth & the city centre. Expect hand-drawn slogans from Lisa Robson that give off a message so positive you'll want to high five whoever's next to you and group-hug the posters. Expect Jonny Turton's black & white film that brings together all of these elements in one slightly abstract story. Don't, however, expect to see pictures of the Liver Building, or a duck bus, or a girl going to the shops in her pyjamas.

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