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I've worked on loads projects with the Halcyon team since being asked to rebrand and redesign the magazine for Issue 3 and I've always enjoyed spending time with them. The lads always referred to Halcyon as 'the quite good men's magazine'. I know I'm probably biased, but I think it was much better than that. What other magazine would offer features on Michael Fish, Patsy Parisi and a Serbian music festival? I don't know if they were all in the same issue, but it wouldn't surprise me.

This project was one of those jobs that never felt like work - whether it was laying out the flat plan and reading the articles, choosing the right photos and illustrations to back up a story, or the inevitable print day panic (where the whole team would appear at New Brighton station and somehow we'd pull together 90% of the magazine in one long, pie and chips-fuelled, day), it always felt like something we would all be doing for nothing if we had to.

There are regular threats to bring this magazine back, in one form or another, and, while everyone involved has gone on to work separately on other creative projects, crucially, we're all still alive. So, never say never.



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