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Ab Badwi

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Ab Badwi's moving and sensitive portraits show a hidden side to the people of Liverpool: many of those he turns his camera to are those society ignores or misunderstands. Ab's photographs show a real trust and mutual respect between photographer and subject, and this previously unseen collection dates back to the 1980s, providing an intimate window into our city's recent history.


Ab is a photographer who grew up in Toxteth, Liverpool 8. Having a culturally diverse heritage of Scottish, English and Yemeni ancestry, he says ’I never really felt accepted by one camp or another’. He thinks it is probably this feeling of unease, or not quite belonging somewhere, that motivates his empathy with the plight of ‘others’ and the photographs here really capture his ability to connect, empathise and communicate with people society often ignores, or doesn’t understand. He studied photography at Southport College of Art & Design, before going on to Harrow PCL, where he gained a BA (Hons) degree in Photography, Film and TV.

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