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Küla, 46D Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L1 0AF


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Studio hours


I'm Roy McCarthy, a graphic designer with a bit of a thing for beautiful logos and clean print layouts. Talk to me about your next creative project.


Here's where you'll find my client jobs. I specialise in logo creation and print design, but you'll find the occasional short film and illustration job here, too.

Not proper work

This is what I create when I have some spare time. Expect to see drawings and photographs of cars, trainers, shop-fronts and abandoned buildings.


I sometimes exhibit my artwork and photos. I've also been known to organise exhibitions for other artists and photographers.

About my work

There are a few common themes running through my work. Whether it's a client project, or something I'm doing in my spare time, I really enjoy working with bold, if slightly vintage looking, colours. If there's a chance to add a chartreuse, vermilion, or aqua background to one of my projects, I'll take it. I'm even happier if I can combine those colours with the kind of typography you might find in a 1970s county council brochure.

About me

I'm a Liverpool-based graphic designer with a particular interest in beautiful logos and great print layouts. Küla is the place where I work, draw, write and collaborate with some of my favourite creative people. I'm also the author of 'A is for Allegro', a book of illustrated stories published by Pavilion.